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Dispute Resolution

Focus on conflict resolution involving strategic sectors

The Strategic Litigation Department focuses on conflict resolution involving sectors strategic to the economy. Our activities comprise numerous types of lawsuits, in particular those in connection with mining, energy, forestry, metallurgy, steelmaking, agribusiness, among other key sectors.

We stand out in these business segments by paying special attention to key points: strategic definition of the entire proceeding, including the pre-litigation consulting phase, permanent reassessment of risks, adaptable legal practice, full control of the case details, and possible impacts (financial, social, reputation, among others) of lawsuits on project development. Those points allow us to be proactive and define the next procedural steps.

We are prepared to deal with the most diverse types of civil, land, real estate and contractual lawsuits, as well as disputes with the Government, focusing on our clients’ expectations. The scope of our services includes:

  • Forfeiture of concessions or permits;
  • Illegal requirements from regulatory authorities;
  • Government omission or inertia;
  • Legislative changes and their application to pending suits;
  • Rental, lease, and easement contracts;
  • Breach of contract and contract review;

In addition, we provide services to companies that intend to benefit from legal expropriation to fund their projects. In this respect, we help our clients define the best course of action. We carry out negotiations and take legal action whenever necessary. 

  • Land-use conflicts;
  • Protection of possession;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary adverse possession;
  • Acquisition of rural properties by foreigners;
  • Constitution of Mineral Easement and Assessment of income and liabilities;
  • Multiple use of mineral water;
  • Illegal/irregular mining;
  • Transportation of overweight cargo;
  • Fixed freight-price actions.

Many litigations end up in court. They demand great ingenuity from lawyers in order to make the parties settle and resolve their dispute by themselves, which is faster and more effectively. The Strategic Litigation Department’s team specializes in this type of practice and in alternative methods of conflict resolution.

The Strategic Litigation Department handles each case strategically and according to its specificities.

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